David Griffin was the Cavaliers GM before Koby Altman took over, drafting Kyrie Irving and eventually bringing back LeBron James. Griffin played a prominent role in keeping the team intact during the Kyrie and LeBron years. 

Now that he is no longer working for the Cavs, Griffin is free to share his takes on the organization. His latest opinion is a pretty obvious one.

While he no doubt managed superstar egos and kept the team together behind the scenes, we doubt that he's the sole reason LeBron and Kyrie played together in Cleveland. 

​LeBron and Kyrie are two ultra-competitive people and they aren't going to be satisfied with a horrible front office headed by the none other than the infamous Dan Gilbert. That's just not going to happen long-term.

Anything else to add, David?

Alright, at this point we're not sure if we should take you seriously anymore.