​It's impossible to live in this country and not be devastated every time a ​new, tragic incident of gun violence hits us in a new locale.

Watching a ​Madden 19 tournament in downtown Jacksonville be attacked by a mad gunman certainly got the attention of many young people, including NFL stars, who were floored by the events that unfolded.

In fact, former Miami QB Brad Kaaya knew someone involved in the shooting.

Ultimately, it was later revealed that Kaaya's friend was killed during the proceedings.

​​Of course, whether they had a personal connection to the incident or not, plenty of players still felt a kinship with those on the scene.

​​After all, this was supposed to be a gathering and showing of love for the game of football.

​​Kelvin Beachum of the Jets got highly personal with his well-wishes.

​​Notre Dame alumni Ian Williams also put it eloquently.

​​And Ryan Davis of the Rams summed up what all of us are feeling.

​​Hopefully, our country gets this all figured out soon. Frankly, we can't take many more of these senseless tragedies.