Another incident of tragic gun violence struck the country on Sunday, as a gunman stormed a video game tournament in ​Jacksonville, Florida. The suspect reportedly shot 11 people and killed four at a tournament event that was celebrating EA's Madden franchise. And early reports on the shooter's identity somehow make it that next level of disturbing.

The gunman was apparently a participant who had lost during the tournament and decided to return in all his rage with a deadly weapon. Unbelievable that anyone would use a deadly weapon to erase a human life after losing a video game.

Early reports from the tournament cited 11 casualties and four losses of life, but the Jacksonville sheriff's office has stated that the situation is fluid, and these numbers aren't entirely accurate.

One of the main issues with guns being so prevalent is that disaffected members of the country default to using them in stunningly-unnecessary scenarios. This is simply another example.

Americans everywhere are mourning the loss of life in Florida today. The event marks one of many violent attacks in the country that have occurred using firearms.

The suspect has not yet been officially identified.