UPDATE: According to the Los Angeles Times, the main suspect from this incident was a gamer who lost while playing in the Madden Tournament down in Jacksonville. 

On Sunday, 911 officials responded to and reported a horrific shooting in the downtown Jacksonville Landing area while video gamers were playing in an official ​Madden tournament

Via the emergency call, the terrifying incident took place at GLHF Game Bar, which was hosting the event before the entire place was shut down.

WARNING: The following video of the incident was recorded, and I will warn you that the material is incredibly disturbing and graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

According to the Jacksonville sheriff's office, the number of casualties that has been circulating is unconfirmed, and the situation remains fluid.

Sickening can not even begin to describe the actions of the criminal who has opened fire on a group of kids just harmlessly trying to have fun and ​play a video game.

It goes without saying, but this is a heartbreaking event. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this senseless act.