​Here we are less than two weeks from the start of the NFL regular season, and the Eagles truly don't know who will be under center to kick the new campaign off. 

While Nick Foles powered Philly to a Super Bowl win last winter, ​this is Carson Wentz's team. However, his knee isn't progressing as well as many fans would have hoped. 

On Sunday, head coach Doug Pederson added a little more anxiety for everyone, as he said Wentz has yet to be cleared for contact. 

​​This is not what we want to be hearing right now about one of the best QBs in the league, Doug. 

While it's smart for Philly not to rush back Wentz too soon, Foles proved in the preseason loss to the Browns he's lost a bit of his magic. Quite frankly, he looked awful in that game and ​Pederson wasn't happy with his play at all. 

Plain and simply, the Eagles need Wentz back ASAP.