​We have no idea whether to applaud this announcer or laugh at him uncontrollably, but surely Jimmy Garoppolo will thank the Niners TV crew for the free advertisement. ​Gucci Garopp's dating life has been well-documented, but just in case ​he's struggling after his rumored fling with Kiara Mia, this ought to help.

People don't realize how big he is below the waist? Alrighty then.

Intentional or not, we've never met a better wingman than this. Jimmy G has a new best friend, and one that's apparently willing to stand up for his... features? At random? Truly, there is no scenario in which this is a sports reference.

Garoppolo received much flack for taking an adult film star on a date earlier this offseason, but the man is simply living his best life while enjoying the limelight in California. His choices, while unusual, shouldn't be put on blast like this without good reason.

Convincing us otherwise is no small feat.