We finally get an explanation on how and where Rich Hill's nickname all began. 

The ​​Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher has also been referred to as "Dick Mountain" without any true understanding of where or why the nickname came about. For ​​MLB Players' Weekend, Hill made sure to wear his nickname proudly on the back of his jersey. "Dick Mountain" was developed in "Bean-town" back in 2011 while Hill was playing for the ​Boston Red Sox.

Kudos to Brock Holt for being a visionary in his own right. Sometimes people tend to overthink nicknames, but he just used some synonyms. While a tad NSFW, Hill can speak to the fact that Dick is merely short for Richard.

It's especially funny for a guy like Hill though. He's rarely expressive and has very few words to say in any given situation. So to have a nickname like "Dick Mountain" is pretty ironic, because he's going to have to talk about it a lot this weekend.