​Ah, yes, ​Aaron Donald. Easily the most dominant pass-rusher in the game and a defensive force. ​Defensive Player of the Year, in fact, and well-deserved.

But one prominent Sports Illustrated NFL voice doesn't see it that way. In fact, he's going to go ahead and pin the rest of the defense's shortcomings all on Donald, thank you very much.

​​And that's what happens when you don't watch any Rams games.

​​Great question.


After all, there's one key reason the dominant Donald couldn't be an elite run-stuffer while he was busy dominating the passer.

​​Sorry, New York Giants, but Olivier Vernon is now ineligible for DPOY, per Andy Benoit. You just can't be having Alec Ogletree as your teammate.

But for real, cool haircut, Andy. Definitely a look that screams, "I'm confident in all the wrong ways."

How is Sports Illustrated such a prominent magazine when their writing staff ranks 30th in "defense of their arguments"? Benoit hasn't even shown up in the comments yet. Thanks, bud.