​It costs a lot to win at the highest level, no matter the sport. Players put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears to reach the pinnacle.

The Houston Astros did just that last year when they came away with their ​first World Series title in their franchises history, and veteran starter ​Justin Verlander, acquired from Detroit at the waiver deadline, carried the load.

The people of California haven't forgotten what the former MVP did to them in October, and now he has to pay for it. Literally. Check out this lunch bill Verlander received at the ​Beverly Hills hotel Friday.

Sonny L., you're a bad, bad man.

On the check, Verlander was forced to pay $1 million for being a Dodger killer. While this is a cute joke and all, I'm sure Verlander would pay any sum of to be a World Series champ and be as dominant as he was through the entire postseason, including his dominance over the Dodgers.

That tax, though...

The Dodger killer cost is funny, but are we going to ignore the fact he spent $180 on lunch, including paying $30 for pancakes and $28 for two eggs that had some meat with it? It better have been the greatest lunch he's ever eaten.