​The Philadelphia Eagles suffered an uncharacteristically bad loss against the Cleveland Browns, even by preseason standards, falling to the team 5-0. 

​Much of what happened came courtesy of Nick Foles, who threw for just 127 yards and two interceptions. He also tripped in his own end zone, allowing Myles Garrett to corner him for a safety. 

Other than the game just being a horrendous display from both teams, we also learned one very hard truth; ​the Eagles need Carson Wentz back more than they realize

They may be the deepest team in the league, but the guy who led Philly to a Super Bowl win has failed to show up so far. In two preseason appearances, Foles has completed just 16 of his 26 passes for 171 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions. 

That might be excusable against the New England Patriots, but when you can't even put up a single point against the Cleveland Browns, that's very concerning. Their division and conference are insanely competitive and if Nick Foles keeps playing the way he is now, the Eagles will get eaten alive.

The worst part here is that the Eagles may have officially missed a golden opportunity to trade Foles for something to make their team even deeper and more sustainable for the future.

Now they might be stuck with a guy who's headed for another slump. 

​​The Eagles could have made themselves the next great dynasty in the NFL by trading Foles. However, they'll just have to work with what they've got for the foreseeable future.

Philly will always love Foles for helping the team capture its first Super Bowl, but it's clear now more than ever Wentz needs to return ASAP.