​What if I told you...the most athletic people in Cleveland don't play football? Over at FirstEnergy Stadium, security guards were getting ready for the regular season in their own way.  While the team practices winning football games, the guards practice tackling potential streakers. It's a sight to see for those there, and those lucky enough to have the video come across their timeline.

​Unfortunately for Browns' fans, this could be the most athleticism they see at FirstEnergy Stadium this season. Not only were the security guards impressive in their take down of the makeshift trespasser, but the 'streaker' also showed elusiveness that even Baker Mayfield couldn't replicate.

​If I'm John Dorsey, I'm considering bringing all of these guys to the office and giving them contracts. The security guards would make great linebackers. I mean, just look at the form on the takedown. 

At the very least, they should use this for the next episode of 'Hard Knocks.'

There's still time to get a deal done before the regular season gets underway. Mr. Dorsey, what are you waiting for?!