The Boston Red Sox are one of the hottest teams in baseball, despite their recent "struggles" that brought them to the verge of a four-game losing streak.

Luckily, the team was able to secure a victory on Thursday, limiting their longest losing streak to only three games this season.

However, on Twitter, the Sox social media team decided to let their fans know that the team was deeply sorry for the recent results that led to such a "lengthy" losing streak.

Really, this just speaks to the absolute control this ball club has had over the entire league throughout the year, as they continue to pummel their opponents into the ground with an explosive offense.

If there is a team out there that can stop the Sox from continuing their run, then I certainly haven't seen them, because there isn't a fair matchup when it comes to facing off against this organization. 

As it stands, the Red Sox are easily World Series favorites, and it isn't even October yet.

Barring some freak injuries or second half collapse, this team is looking pretty damn good as postseason baseball looms on the horizon.