​Urban Meyer continues to fight.

In fact, even within Ohio State administration, there is dissension regarding the fate of the head coach. The Buckeyes' board of trustees want him to be reinstated immediately, while university president Michael Drake wants Meyer to serve a suspension. Meanwhile, Meyer maintains he didn't do anything wrong and shouldn't have to face disciplinary action.

​​The results of the investigation into whether or not Meyer knew of assistant Zach Smith's domestic abuse have not come out yet, but it is worrying that OSU's higher-ups can't come to a consensus about the situation. Moreover, the case brings into question just how much power Meyer has over OSU's decision-making if he can openly refuse to serve a suspension.

​​Of course, we still need to know about the findings of the investigation before a proper assessment can be made about the entire situation, but it's not a good sign when administration cannot agree together on a decision. Certainly, Meyer shouldn't have this much control over his own fate if he is the one being judged. 

Hopefully, the full truth will come out and the situation will be over with soon.