​Jimbo Fisher jumped ship from the Florida State Seminoles to the Texas A&M Aggies in a shocking move. We all know that Fisher is expected to make $75 million over the next ten years, but the details of his current deal are eye-opening.

According to the Houston Chronicle, if Fisher were to walk away from Texas A&M for another job before his contract is up, he and his new employer would not owe the Aggies any money whatsoever.

Now we get to the insanity. If Texas A&M were to fire Fisher without cause, the university will owe everything left on his $75 million deal.

​​ Pretty crazy, right? Well, buckle your seat belts.

The Aggies never put in a buyout clause in ​Fisher's deal because they apparently were promised by Fisher that he would see his contract through, and not leave for another job.

The contract reads: “'Coach recognizes that his promise to work for the University for the entire term of this Agreement is important to the University' and that A&M is making a 'valuable investment' in his services that 'would be lost if Coach resigns or otherwise terminates his employment …'”

Texas A&M has had difficulties with buyout clauses in the past, the most notable being former head coach Kevin Sumlin. After the team fired Sumlin last season, the university still owes him $10.4 million, even though he was hired by Arizona to be their head coach. That is because there was no offset language in the deal that would have reduced their payment to Sumlin.

We all thought Fisher's deal was a good deal initially. Now with these revelations, the scales are leaning in the favor of the new Aggies head coach.