​It's time to say goodbye to good old RPI.

In a recent ruling, the NCAA announced that it would no longer use RPI as the main means of selecting the teams for March Madness every year. It has been a huge part of the committee's selection process since 1981. 

In its place, the league is introducing the NCAA Evaluation Tool, or NET for short. It will rely on strength of schedule, game results, game location, net offensive efficiency, net defensive efficiency, scoring margin and the quality of wins and loses to create its own ranking system. 

RPI will still be used by other sports committees in Division I such as the Women's Basketball Committee. 

​The recent change is one of many the NCAA has been trying to make in regards to college basketball. They recently declared that elite prospects and players may have their own agents, allowing them to come back to school if they declare for the NBA Draft and aren't selected. However, USA Basketball and the Player's Association still need to sort that out. 

Regardless of how necessary NET was, it'll certainly take fans some time to get used to it. Hopefully this new system can help the selection committee avoid making selections as egregious as some of the selections they made ​last year.

Fare thee well, RPI. You will be missed.