​The Atlanta Braves are a very good offense, but one thing they lack is power in the middle of the order outside of Freddie Freeman. There are 10 days until the waiver trade deadline passes, and the Braves should seriously consider addressing this issue while they can.

While there isn't an offensive equivalent of Justin Verlander available, there's one guy who could be an impact bat if he proves to be healthy-- Toronto Blue Jays third baseman ​Josh Donaldson, who could be back on the field soon and is someone the team is looking to move if he proves healthy.

I'm sure plenty of teams will check in on the former AL MVP, but the Braves in particular should look into claiming Donaldson. He's a free agent after the season so they aren't making a long-term commitment, and they have an opening over at the hot corner.

Yes, ​Johan Camargo has been fantastic and very much overlooked, but he's a natural shortstop and a good defender. And let's be honest: Dansby Swanson isn't giving much consistent offense to go along with his plus defense at short.

This doesn't mean the Braves should completely give up on Swanson, whom they've got to hope is part of their long-term future. But it's at the point of the season where it's all about winning and putting the best players on the field. 

Atlanta isn't rebuilding anymore, and while they are ahead of schedule, it would be foolish not to capitalize on this opportunity given their narrow lead in the NL East.

Who knows if Donaldson will be the player we had grown accustomed to seeing in the past, but it's a good gamble. You might catch lightning in a bottle, and I'm sure former Blue Jays GM-turned-Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos is keeping tabs on Donaldson's rehab with an eye toward a potential move.