The world is undeniably an extremely large place home to a ton of people to meet. But at times it can feel pretty small. 

The Baltimore Orioles play the Toronto Blue Jays many times each season. But one thing has changed since the last time the two AL East squads dueled: the Blue Jays now have ​Danny Jansen, one of their top prospects, on their Major League roster. 

So with the new Orioles-Blue Jays series commencing tonight, Orioles fan-favorite Adam Jones took to Twitter to tell a story from his childhood involving Jansen and to wish him all the best now that he's made it to the Major Leagues.

​Jones recounted when Jansen went from "waking me up at 7am before you had to go to school and me getting in at 4am from a loooong bus trip, to playing against each other in the show!!!!"

Jansen even responded to Jones, saying "Let's have some fun big bro." The younger Jansen is clearly ready to take on the athlete who his family hosted when they were both kids.

Jones' last statement in his tweet summarizes this entire narrative pretty aptly: "This is a movie." It really is.