​Most Miami fans have agreed with the decisions Mark Richt has made since becoming the head coach for the Hurricanes. Because of those decisions, ​he's put the program back in a position to contend for a conference title and seems poised to keep then there for the foreseeable future. 

Unfortunately, not as many of those fans would agree with his take on marshmallow peeps. 

In a recent interview with Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic, Richt talked about his life in South Florida and his time at Georgia while giving some of his takes on food, ​a subject he's very passionate about. However, this is unforgivable.

What kind of "sensation" are you trying to get out of letting it go stale or freezing it? Disappointment?  I can't say I know what it's like to eat a frozen peep, but I have eaten a stale peep before. You're better of trying to bite through a jawbreaker.

Hopefully the team he puts on the field isn't as stale or cold as the way he likes his Easter-themed candies. If that's the case, the Canes are in for a long season.