The Warriors are the best right now. Everyone knows it. The only question left is whether they're the greatest team of all time. It looks like it's going to be that way for a while too.

With Klay Thompson reportedly planning on staying in the Golden State for a long time, it's just another nail in the coffin that houses NBA's competitiveness. 

It's also just more proof that the ​Warriors are quite possibly the lamest NBA team in the history of the league. There's no real drama, whether behind the locker room doors, on the corporate side, or on the court. They just dominate every facet of the game. 

There hasn't been a team that's been assembled in today's NBA that can come close to beating them and it's just taken away all the excitement and entertainment behind the game. At least let a key member of the core leave, feel the loss, and struggle a little in some games. Can they please just be a normal group so that the rest of us can root for our own teams without feeling it's all for nothing?

With Klay back, there's no challenge for the Warriors who will likely win every championship for the next five or so years. No one has a chance with their core group intact. 

No one is even pretending either. Might as well just tank and develop talent until their reign is over.