​LaVar Ball, just let your sons do what they want, please.

In the latest episode of "Ball in the Family," the Ball family's reality Facebook show, LiAngelo Ball's agent, Harrison Gaines, discussed the possibility of the 19-year-old getting drafted this past June.

Spoiler alert: Gaines talked to all 30 teams and said that possibility was highly unlikely.

There was one pick, however, that was possible: the Phoenix Suns could've selected LiAngelo at No. 59. Instead, they took George King from Colorado, who signed a two-way contract with the team on July 6.

Nonetheless, LaVar thought that it would happen, so he kept his son's name in the draft. What's even worse is that LiAngelo wasn't even invited to the Summer League by any squad. In addition, he also tweaked his ankle while working out for the Golden State Warriors before the draft.

This brings attention to a more serious issue that many have been talking about for a while now: LaVar's influence on his kids' careers.

Running an overpriced apparel and shoe brand, in your sons' names, in addition to pulling two of your sons out of school to play in a ​currently meaningless "high school basketball league" for revenue should NOT be considered good parenting.

We appreciate the fact that you're making some pretty sweet dough out of it, LaVar, and good for you for doing that, but think about this; if LaMelo and LiAngelo just went UCLA like they were destined to, wouldn't it have made their basketball careers much more promising, like you've dreamed about?

This has been said before, but ​whenever LaVar opens his mouth, his kids don't really benefit from it at all; rather, it puts more, unnecessary pressure on them to succeed.

Just let the kids play, man.