Every little leaguer's dream is to make to the big leagues. While some might not eventually realize that lofty goal, these kids will be able to say they sat down with some big-time players. In the middle of the Little League World Series, some of Mets starting pitchers sat with the Staten Island Little League Team to watch some big league baseball on Sunday night.

Zach "Wheels" Wheeler, Jacob deGrom, Noah "Thor" Syndergaard and Steven "Matzy" Matz wore special nickname jerseys while attending the game and sitting out in the "cheap" (read: still pretty expensive) seats with the boys.

The Mets might not be the best team in baseball, but to some of these kids, that does not matter. Just being in the presence of some of the game's top stars would make any fan's day!

The kids definitely got some good pointers from the players on what it takes to make to the MLB, or maybe the Mets did some recruiting themselves? Regardless, you can't help but smile to see what the team did to brighten the little leaguers' days.