Cleveland Indians fan or not, you could not help but smile at the fact that Leonys Martin was released from the hospital a few hours ago.

The 30-year-old outfielder had dealt with a ​life-threatening bacterial infection since August 13, shortly after his trade from the Detroit Tigers. The infection was so severe that it had moved into his bloodstream and began threatening his organs.

On Sunday, Martin took to Twitter to let everyone know that he is home and ready for the road to recovery.

While we knew he was out of the hospital earlier on Sunday, it is nice to hear that everything is trending in the right direction from the source himself.

This serves as yet another example to prove these professional athletes are regular people and can deal with sicknesses and infections at the drop of a hat.

From a baseball standpoint, there is still no timetable for Martin's return. Cleveland can hold him off until the playoffs roll around, as they are 12 games ahead of the Minnesota Twins for the AL Central Division.

Can you imagine Martin hitting a walk-off in the playoffs after all he has been through? Now that would be incredible.