​As if the pressure wasn't already on the ​Boston Red Sox to deliver a World Series title. Ace pitcher ​Chris Sale just raised the ante a little bit further.

The Red Sox have posted an absurd record of 88-36 so far, but even with that record the comment Sale made was one that would make you take a second look. 

Calling your club "the best team that's ever walked the planet" is not something to be taken lightly. 

​​It's a championship or bust year for Boston, and they have all of the tools to deliver the title. There is little doubt they will have home field throughout the postseason and once they get Sale back from injury, they'll have arguably the best roster in baseball.

The Red Sox have created a cushion between them and the second place New York Yankees of 10.5 games.

Of course making those kinds of statements, like "Super Team" and others, puts a lot of pressure on yourself and the squad. Not a lot of people are talking about this quote, but if the Red Sox are upset, you can bet this will be brought up again.