Don't worry Eagles fans. Your precious backup plan is still intact. 

Even though Carson Wentz is expected to retake his spot as the top quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles once he's healthy, the panic button was still hammered repeatedly last night when Nick Foles left the team's preseason matchup against New England with a shoulder injury. Instead of worrying about whether or not both of Philly's QBs will be on the shelf week one, the Eagles were greeted with good news. 

Foles' injury is considered minor and isn't expected to take long to recover. 


Having your first-string quarterback benched for the team's road to a repeat would've been bad enough. Having the backup/Super Bowl MVP shelved would've just been a nightmare way to start the season. 

With Wentz's availability for the start of the season still up in the air, the Eagles need Nick Foles. It's why Philadelphia didn't trade him during the offseason as they expect him to keep this offense in championship form while their face of the franchise is on the sidelines. 

Without Foles, who's going to step up next? 


Philadelphia has a couple of cakewalks during weeks two and three of the season with Tampa Bay and Indianapolis on the schedule, but the season-opener against Atlanta is huge. 

Foles' recovery needs to be as quick as they believe it will be because kickoff is just 20 days away.