​After last night's shellacking in New England, it's possible the Philadelphia Eagles finally had some sense knocked into them.

But we sure hope not. Because these myriad trolls sure are fun.

In case you thought ​Philly fans were the ​only ones who couldn't let last year's Super Bowl go, check out how the Iggles arranged themselves at Gillette prior to kickoff. These lockers are no accident.

​​Nothing to see here, just your everyday No. 41 and No. 33 chilling next to each other, definitely not spelling out the exact score of Super Bowl LII. No sirree.

You've outdone yourselves again, Philly. If only you'd spent as much time pregame planning for Cordarrelle Patterson as you did preoccupied with locker Feng Shui, then you might've come out on top.

​​Next time these two teams match up, prepare for the Patriots to line up a Rodney Harrison jersey next to a Gino Cappelletti jersey to show off this line score.

Shame the Eagles couldn't have tacked on one more point. Then we might've actually had a Malcolm Butler sighting.