Thursday night's preseason matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots marks the first time the two teams will be seeing each other since Philly's upset of the Pats in Super Bowl LII. 

Eagles fans are not going to let the Patriots forget about their loss that easy, however, so they decided to fly this banner over Gillette Stadium in Foxborough:

Pats fans at the game tonight will certainly be reminded of their 41-33 defeat in the Super Bowl with that banner.

Bottom line, Eagles fans once again proved to be expert trollers. After years of torture, Philly finally got their title. They're not about to let you forget that fact anytime soon.

The only defense that Pats fans can use is bragging about their five Super Bowl victories, but that means nothing to Eagles faithful. Pats fans should be perfectly accepting of this troll anyways considering their relentless reminders of '28-3' from their Super Bowl win over Atlanta.

Eagles fans will definitely enjoy the spotlight tonight.