​Not so fast, John Elway. You can't attempt to set NFL Twitter on fire and get away with it unscathed. 

It turns out the Denver Broncos general manager left out some crucial contextual details when saying the team offered Colin Kaepernick a deal only to be rejected. 

​​Ah, context. It matters. A lot. Especially when you make a claim that would literally delegitimatize the foundation of a social movement that's transcended football and ingrained itself in the national consciousness. 

I guess Elway thought the fact ​Kaepernick was under contract with the 49ers at the time and would've had to take a significant pay cut to join the Broncos was just a minor detail. Sure, Elway, the difference between a guaranteed $11.9 million and $7 million is something we can look passed. 

And please, don't even start with comments saying ​Kaepernick is selfish for not taking this pay cut and he should've sacrificed that money and none of this would've ever happened. No matter how tempting you may find that poor excuse, it's factually incorrect and illogical. 

​​The public perception of Elway couldn't have transitioned more quickly from a brave trailblazer to a deceitful liar. That's exactly the kind of reputation you don't want as a general manager. 

The NFL literally cannot get out of its own way. Maybe one of its several teams with depressing quarterback depth charts will finally come to their senses and offer a contract to a guy who led his team within 3 points of winning a Super Bowl. He'd probably accept.