​What is perhaps the best thing to happen for the game of baseball in quite some time, the bullpen cart will be featured in another new stadium on Friday night.

Bullpen carts will be in style once again when the Washington Nationals start using them at home games starting on Friday against the Miami Marlins.

As noted in the press release, bullpen carts peaked in popularity during the 1970's and 1980's, allowing relievers to enter the game in style with a full ride from the bullpen to the infield. It seems as if every pitcher is getting ​hurt these days for one reason or another, so why not bring the carts back? It prevents the possibility of injury from jogging across the outfield, I guess.

Two teams, the ​Arizona Diamondbacks and Detroit Tigers, currently use the carts. The Diamondbacks' cart is shaped like a giant baseball with room on the sides for pitchers and drivers to enter and exit the vehicle. Detroit tried to make theirs a little "cooler," making it a low rider with flames on the sides, similar to a Matchbox car.