Don't get lost in their offseason deal for Giancarlo Stanton; the current Yankees can still use assistance on offense. It doesn't mean they're doomed this season, but the Bronx Bombers aren't exactly thriving this summer. 

With ​Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez still out, Gleyber Torres struggling, and Greg Bird turning into the king of inconsistency, New York has to be active before the fall begins.

Several franchises are learning their postseason fates this month, as teams like the ​Washington Nationals are slipping once again in the NL East. Although they have enough talent to make a final push, one name might become available in the coming weeks. 

According to Buster Olney, there will be serious interest in Daniel Murphy, especially if the Nationals embrace their status as sellers. If there's any chance that the All-Star infielder and soon-to-be free agent is on the market, the Yankees have to absolutely pounce on this offer. 

​​Murphy has been a hitting machine since the postseason before he joined Washington, and he's exactly the kind of consistent contact bat who could reenergize the Yanks

He did miss time during this season, yet Murphy is still hitting .310 with 29 RBI. There's no question that he'd be a significant upgrade over Bird at first base. And even if the Yankees don't want to move their young lefty, Aaron Boone could always make Murphy the designated hitter. 

Regardless of the role he would take in the Bronx, acquiring Murphy is the game-changing type move that turns the Yankees back into the favorites in the American League.  

​​Instead of putting all their confidence into Judge returning, Brian Cashman should search for outside help that can improve their offensive production. 

Calling the Nationals and hearing about Murphy's availability is definitely a start.