The Houston Astros definitely missed Carlos Correa while he was gone. After sitting out over 30 games with a back injury, Correa returned to the Astros lineup last week. In typical Correa fashion, he is having an immediate impact on the game. Just take a look at this ridiculous highlight from the Astros' 12-1 win over the Colorado Rockies Wednesday.

Fancy indeed. After knocking the ball down with his glove behind the back, Correa spun around to pick up the ball and fire it to first. That was definitely not your typical 6-3 groundout.

The Astros are going to need more from Correa than just superb defense though. The Astros are very ​close to losing the AL West division lead to the Oakland Athletics.

Although, the A's are now two games back after Wednesday night's contest, the point still stands: the Astros do not want to be forced into a one-game Wild Card.

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