The premise of this situation is a simple one. Ronald Acuña was on a hot batting streak and Jose Urena was a frustrated pitcher who decided to take him out instead of having him hit possibly another homer.

Enter the Braves social media team, who are creatively trolling Urena on Twitter. 

That was a great team play too that ended up being a nice double play, just the way you're supposed to play baseball. Not one person deciding to take matters into his own hands and choosing to take a player out of the game illegally.

But don't worry fans, Acuña's streak is still alive!

This Braves social media team is just on another level. They didn't tag Urena, didn't mention Acuña, but you already know who this was directed at and why they're posting the video. Trolling is often best when it's a subtle jab. 

It even earned some praise from SB Nation.

And for those of you fearing that the Marlins may not end up seeing this beauty of a troll, worry not, some people were tagging the Marlins. 


Seriously, they're dead, please stop!

Goodness gracious.

Is it darker in here?

How about a direct message to the Marlins pitching staff?!

The Braves posted this too during the game.

Their trolling is just on a different level. It's not loud and crass -- it's subtle and clever and it has to hurt more. And perfect for a situation like this.

Wait, one more for the road!

RIP Marlins.