Like most NFL athletes, Jalen Ramsey has supreme confidence in himself. The cornerback recently did an interview for GQ Magazine where he criticized a few quarterbacks around the league.

One of those quarterbacks was Matthew Stafford.

And oh yeah, Ramsey is dating the sister of Golden Tate, who he was also talking trash to today. It gets a little complicated and you think that there has to be some conflict of interest, but you have to respect Ramsey for speaking his mind regardless and keeping it real. 

Stafford's wife, on the other hand, gave everything but respect in response to Ramsey's comments. In her Instagram stories, Kelly called out Ramsey and wondered why he was being interviewed by GQ since there's nothing "GQ" about him. 

She also said that it seems like a complete waste of time and space. Now that's how you go in on someone. Kelly was not holding back. 

You gotta love the support from the wifey here. Ramsey opened his mouth to the point where he was bound to be criticized, and he finally met his match.