Everyone saw it coming, but ​Carmelo Anthony is now officially a member of the ​Houston Rockets.

Immediately after the signing was announced, many wondered if Anthony would start on the Rockets, although, it was not because he deserved the role. Instead, it was because of the fiasco Anthony started in Oklahoma City. 

While on the Thunder, Anthony made it clear in what is now a famous interview that he was going to start no matter how poorly he plays. From that point on, the Thunder were stuck keeping Anthony in the starting lineup despite him being one of the more ineffective players on the court.

So, knowing Anthony's past, when reporters asked him is he was willing to play off the bench for the Rockets, Anthony replied by saying, "Let's just let it play out".

It's clear that Anthony still believes he is starting material, and that is just straight up delusional.

The Rockets are one of the best teams in the NBA, and for Anthony to think that they will be willing to make changes to their starting lineup in order to please him is a joke. At small forward (where Anthony will most likely play), Houston has the likes of P.J. Tucker and Ryan Anderson. Both players debatably have more value to the Rockets than Anthony.

More important than anything else, Mike D'Antoni doesn't care that Anthony is a 10-time All-Star. As coach, D'Antoni will do what's best for his team, even if that means sitting Anthony

In order to avoid problems later down the road, Anthony needs to accept his bench role now.