​Let the drama begin in the NFL, as ​Jalen Ramsey is showing zero mercy toward the rest of the league. 

With the season nearly here, the Jaguars cornerback made it very clear that he isn't fond of many gunslingers. Although we've witnessed him throw shade at Jimmy Garoppolo in the past, the All-Pro defensive back took his trash talk to the next level. 

During his feature with GQ Magazine, Ramsey listed the quarterbacks that are anything but impressive to him. Once again, he started with roasting Josh Allen, saying "I don't care what nobody say. He's trash. And it's gonna show too." 

For the sake of every football fan in the world, the Bills must start Allen against the Jaguars during the regular season. 

Now, let's move over to Ramsey's own rivals with Ben Roethlisberger and Joe Flacco. Simply put, the Jacksonville superstar isn't impressed. Not only did he say that Flacco "sucks," but he also labeled Big Ben as a decent quarterback.

​​Seriously, can the season just start already!

All it took was one great season from the Jaguars to spark this all-out verbal assault, as Ramsey made it clear that almost every other quarterback isn't good. If you're looking for a quick breakdown of his analysis, indulge in these hilarious remarks: 

​​Honestly, I don't know how he can find Blake Bortles as a serviceable quarterback, especially if he finds players like Garoppolo, Jared Goff, and Matt Ryan as mediocre players. 

Wisely enough, Ramsey didn't throw any awful comments in Tom Brady's direction. After all, the legendary quarterback had his number during the postseason. 

Hey Jaguars, do these comments warrant another ​one-week paid suspension