The Atlanta Braves are currently thriving and  are ahead of schedule in their rebuild. They're expected to compete with whoever is surging in the NL East for a long time, but won't be doing so with one starter. 

While it's been a crazy season for the Braves, it's been a rough year for Brandon McCarthy. One that he's decided is his last. 

Atlanta's right-hander has announced he'll call it quits after this campaign. 

​​This was certainly a surprise. 

It was never even up for discussion that McCarthy was thinking about retiring after his 13th season in the league, but this knee injury that he's currently dealing with seems to have sped up his timeline. McCarthy was originally not expected to miss this much time as he's dealing with knee tendonitis, which landed him on the 60-day DL. 

It certainly sounds painful, but again, it's something that was definitely not expected. 

 As McCarthy deals with his current knee issue, he knows his starting days are behind him. He'll head to the bullpen when he's healthy and eligible to return for the final month of the season to help the Braves reach the postseason, but he's made it very clear this season will be his last. 

The veteran claims he would've would've had surgery a month and a half ago if he was ready to keep going so he could be ready for next season. Instead, he says he's ready for the rest of his life filled with an offseason. 

Hopefully, Atlanta continues to surge and gives him a chance to pitch in some meaningful October games before he hangs his cleats up for good.