One way or another, ​Auburn simply has to get it done next season.

The ​Tigers had an ultimately disappointing 2017 season that ended with a defeat in the Peach Bowl against the University of Central Florida. The team also didn't get it done in the penultimate game of the season against Georgia in the SEC championship in which they were favored to win, losing 28-7.  

Auburn's schedule for the upcoming season has some exciting matchups, including games against ​Alabama, Mississippi State and Washington.  

​​At first glance, it seems like Auburn got the short end of the stick, having to face several powerhouses. Guz Malzahn certainly thinks so.

​​In order to be the best, however, you have to beat the best. Additionally, upon taking a closer look, Auburn has the luxury of playing five consecutive home games to begin the season (let's be real, playing Washington in Atlanta is a home game). In total, they play eight home games out of 12 total contests. 

The Tigers also have a ton of experience under their belt, and quarterback Jarrett Stidham was playing at a high level throughout the season. The team is well-equipped to take on any team it faces, and opening with a home stand should make them battle-tested later for a postseason run. 

Time to make it count.