​This morning, the sun came up, people went to work and another video of Zion Williamson dunking a basketball was published. As usual. As has been the case every single day for the last year.  When does it end? Whoever it is that continues to post videos of Williamson dunking, do everyone a favor and stop. 

​​This means nothing. Congratulations, Williamson can dunk from the free throw line. Were you previously unaware of this? Did you not watch the previous 365 dunk videos, all of which clearly suggested he'd be able to do this? Are you the one guy in the country who still uses a flip phone because you believe the government is spying on you?

I can't be the only person willing to die on the "No More Williamson Dunk Videos" hill. This hill is a very welcoming one for all sane basketball fans. We don't build walls, we just ask you leave your copies of ​Williamson's high school mixtape at home. 

​​Seriously, why do we need to care about videos like these? Williamson's ability to dunk a basketball from the free throw line is not going to help them win any games this season. I have faith we've moved passed the point in the one and done era in which everyone thinks whoever wins the offseason is going to win the national title. 

You know what I'd love to see? ​Williamson hitting a jump shot. Williamson using his right hand. Williamson playing against competition other than the dregs of the rural South Carolina league he dominated for all of Twitter to drool over. 

A lot of people watched these videos looking to see if there was anything Williamson couldn't do with the ball in his hands as he exploded towards the rim. I was looking to see if there was a shred of respectable competition that would actually make him do something other than the basketball equivalent of a walk in the park. 

When someone shows me one of those videos, I will gladly watch them. Until then, place all your Williamson dunk videos into the same corner of the Internet that houses Rebecca Black music videos and Kars 4 Kids advertisements.