​Luke Weaver has had a decent year for the St. Louis Cardinals, trying to repeatedly find his footing after several false starts. In 23 starts, Weaver has posted a 4.66 ERA and a 6-10 record--not what you want, but a positive step in durability from the youngster.

Yeah...about that...

As the Cardinals fight for a Wild Card spot, however, Weaver's excuse for ​missing his scheduled start against the Royals on Sunday has got to have St. Louis fans feeling a bit miffed.

After all, can you come up with an injury any lamer than this?

Apparently Weaver cut his finger on aluminum foil while opening a food tray in the clubhouse, and interim manager Mike Shildt didn't want to push it, saying, "It just made sense long-term to give him the day off."

Yes, long-term. You don't want any recurring foil incidents a few years down the road.

Of course, it was the index finger on his pitching hand. Certainly an untimely injury, but are you serious?

It's more the circumstance that's overwhelmingly lame rather than the actual injury itself. Finger cuts are no joke. But they are when they come from literal foil.

Despite Weaver's absence, ​newly acquired Tyson Ross and the red-hot Cardinals continued​ their winning streak and are now only two games out of the Wild Card.

Can't be handling foil on game day. You know this.