Let's hope Orlando Scandrick didn't buy real estate in Washington D.C. He'll be leaving almost as soon as he got there. ​

According to reports, the Washington Redskins are releasing Scandrick after signing him to a two-year deal earlier this offseason.

There's "being on the roster bubble" and then there's whatever this is. An immediate jettisoning.

This move signals that Washington must have faith in some of the younger cornerbacks they've been developing like Fabian Moreau and Quinton Dunbar. Additionally, rookies Greg Stroman and Danny Johnson have shown thus far that they can more than hold their own. 

Considering Scandrick is 32, there's little reason to hang on to him if he was only going to steal playing time from the young guys that Washington wants to throw into the fire. ​​​Josh Norman is firmly entrenched as the No. 1 corner in ​Washington, but that No. 2 spot is now up for grabs with Scandrick gone.

​​Scandrick came to Washington after spending the entirety of his nine-year career in Dallas, where he was a consistent starter-quality corner. Scandrick is now free to sign with another team that has a use for a veteran defensive back who can be expected to fill in right away (the New York Giants, without Sam Beal, make sense).

As the injury bug continues to strike teams in the dog days of summer, expect Scandrick to be scooped up sooner rather than later.