​I think it's safe to say we're all guilty here. 

In the NFL, the list of unique names for players goes on and on. But for Tyrod Taylor, many of us out there thought his name was pronounced the way it sounded, right? Ty-Rod Tay-Lor. Simple enough. 

Well, hold the phone, folks, because we've been making a monster mistake for years. 

​​First off, we all owe Mr. Taylor an apology. Not many of us outside of an NFL locker room actually knew his name was "Tuh-Rod."

Also, let's give props to Joel Bitonio. While Taylor might not be comfortable enough to correct reporters or fans, his left tackle stepped up in a big way. 

If Taylor can help get the Browns back to the postseason, though, he could very well get everyone in Cleveland to call him King Tuh-Rod if he wants. With LeBron James out of town, the city needs new royalty.