Earlier in the MLB season, Luis Severino, along with Chris Sale and Justin Verlander, were the early candidates for the American League Cy Young Award. 

Now, after the All-Star Break has come and gone, the Yankees and their fans are just hoping and praying that Severino can give a quality start and get through the early innings without putting his team in a deficit.

​​In the last five games he's started, which included starts against the Indians, Rays, Royals, Red Sox and White Sox, Severino has a 1-3 record with a 7.77 ERA against some of the worst teams (minus Boston and Cleveland) in the league. 

Severino has also struggled to get out of the first and second innings without surrendering runs and putting his team behind. In the first inning, he has a 3.75 ERA and in the second, a 3.00 ERA, which are very mediocre stats for a guy that Yankees fans have been campaigning for the Cy Young Award. 

In his start against the Mets tonight, another horrible team in the MLB, he surrendered a lead off home run and lately, he's been giving up home runs left and right. His early inning struggles as well as his pitching struggles as a whole have continued and have showed no signs of stopping.

First, Amed Rosario went deep. Then Jose Bautista drilled a 2-run homer off of him? Come on, man.  If I were a Yankees fan banking on Severino to guide my team through the playoffs as my ace, ​I'd be very worried right now.

Giving up early runs against powerhouse teams like Houston, ​Boston and Cleveland could prove costly for the Yankees moving forward in the playoffs. 

Severino better figure it out soon, or the Yankees might have a disappointing end to this highly anticipated season.