​If officially ​signing Carmelo Anthony wasn't enough awful news for Rockets fans, this latest development will definitely put a damper on their week. Outside of showing his ​unimpressive body that resembles a 40-year-old dad, James Harden has been relatively quiet for the majority of the offseason. Well, that all changed in a matter of hours. According to TMZ Sports, the MVP of the league was accused of throwing a woman's cellphone, after she was caught recording a fight taking place between someone in Harden's entourage.

The reports also stated that Harden grabbed the woman's wrist, but as of right now there is still a ton of unknown details. 

Either way, it's somewhat embarrassing that the All-Star guard will find himself in a similar dilemma that​ J.R Smith was in a few weeks ago. Although Harden didn't commit an extremely violent crime in this particular situation, it's an awful image for one of the top players in the NBA. 

​​Houston doesn't necessarily have a problem, but having their best player making headlines for all the wrong reasons probably won't sit well with management.