​Following the announcement for ​new rules to be implemented in college basketball, many from within the sport are expressing their views. Some are impressed and think more needs to be done. One of the game's greatest coaches sides with the latter. 

Mike Krzyzewski, long-time head coach for the Duke Blue Devils, isn't impressed with the new rule changes coming to the NCAA which include letting elite college players and high school prospects hire agents. 

"They're all well intentioned," Krzyzewski said, "but they're not well coordinated."

He certainly has a point there. Though the NCAA did announce that changes would be made, it still needs to go through USA Basketball and the National Basketball Players' Association before it can really take effect. Both organizations were taken off guard when the NCAA made the announcement. 

One complaint he had about the new rule changes was that there needs to be a way to define an "elite" player or prospect. He went out saying that no one really wants to identify who those players are. Eventually, it'll be necessary for them to work. 

Fortunately, all Coach K will have to worry about now is getting his team ready for the upcoming season. ​A team that contains quite a few blue chip recruits