​If any athlete is going to defy Father Time, then it most definitely will be ​Tom Brady

Before the 2018 season begins, the Patriots reworked their franchise quarterback's contract, giving him the chance to earn an extra $5 million from incentives. In essence, New England wants Brady to prove that he's still capable of leading their offense at an elite level. However, the ​restructured deal also foreshadows the future of one of the greatest players of all time. 

According to Ben Volin, the Patriots pushed salary down the road to 2019, which indicates that TB12 might need to compete for two more seasons. With his cap number raising to $27 million and the team lacking a legitimate backup option, playing for the remainder of this current decade is extremely possible. 

​​Despite Brady's comments of retirement and nearing the end of his career, the legendary signal caller has constantly talked about playing until he's 45 years old. Even though his goal is almost unattainable because of the sport's brutal nature, he would get pretty close. 

Ultimately, the Patriots are placing their faith in the best player that has ever graced the franchise. 

​​Maybe the end is near for the five-time Super Bowl champion, but as of right now it looks like he'll have two more seasons to play in Foxborough.