​One simply cannot succeed nowadays without getting chastised in some manner. As of late, it's been Twitter histories dooming a ton of athletes, and now Brooks Koepka is up next after his impressive victory at the 100th PGA Championship on Sunday.

While it's not anything has nefarious as the past Twitter timelines loaded with racist and homophobic nonsense, Koepka has an odd hatred for one of the best athletes to ever live.

The man despises LeBron James and spent a good portion of 2011 blasting the King during the Miami Heat's loss to the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals.

Man, he even took some real personal shots.

Koepka had to have thought he would never get this good at golf, because now he's a champion and will probably have to answer to this Twitter tirade in some capacity.

Starting to get harsh!

LeBron wishes he were Brooks Koepka, according to Brooks Koepka.

Yes, he did that, and now he's a three-time champion, just like you, Brooks!

Thought it ended there?

He's still going!

Update: he did get on the podium and won a few times. 

Koepka took a two-week hiatus and was then back at it.

Oh yeah, and he doesn't like Chris Bosh either.

And finally, he went after one of his fellow friends and golfers to make an anti-LeBron comparison. 

Can we get an AMA with this guy on the NBA reddit? That would be gold.