​Give the guy credit. He went down defending his teammates and brothers.

While ​Jacksonville Jaguars star cornerback ​Jalen Ramsey is known for his relentless loud mouth and trash talk, the man took a stand for what he felt was right. After the local media criticized fellow defenders, including defensive end Dante Fowler, Ramsey had had enough. 

But now he's going to pay for it.

​​Since he was made aware of the news, Ramsey authored this tweet:

And this was one of the tweets criticizing the media.

This next one was from just a few hours ago.

And this one came in the beginning of the month.

Nothing nefarious, but we know how NFL teams sure like to silence the players when it comes to causing a ruckus with the media. Ramsey felt the reporting wasn't honest, so he made his voice heard.

Unfortunately for the Jags, he'll spend a week away from the team, but that won't affect him at all for the regular season when Jacksonville tries to make another deep playoff run.