​Wow, who knew a little change like this could be so effective?

Atlanta Braves pitcher Kevin Gausman,​ recently acquired from the Baltimore Orioles, did not do especially well in​ his first start for his new team, surrendering three runs on six hits in five innings pitched.

However, Gausman later told his coaches that he actually feels much more comfortable pitching from the stretch than from his full windup. The Braves let him do it all game long last night, and the righty totally dominated the Brewers.

​​Gausman went eight innings and surrendered only one run on six hits. He also racked up eight strikeouts and didn't walk a single batter.

It was a dominant performance all-around for Atlanta, as the team won 10-1 over the Milwaukee Brewers and took back first place in the NL East by a narrow margin over the Phillies.

​​​Braves pitching coach Chuck Hernandez had a hilarious response when asked why Gausman was more effective out of the stretch. He said simply, "Well, you don't have to use the windup."

​​Truer words were never spoken.

If Gausman continues to dominate like this, maybe other teams will start asking their pitchers what their preferred style of hurling is.

As​ Atlanta fights tooth-and-nail with the Phils, every last detail counts. And this new one could be a serious ace in the hole.