Just because you're an absolute marksman in one sport doesn't mean your crackshot tendencies carry over to another. 

Yes, Steph Curry can give opponents fits on the hardwood, but it seems like his quality stroke ends there. At least we know for certain he isn't the same kind of sniper up against pro golfers. At the Web.com Tour's Ellie Mae Classic, Curry ended up dead last by the end of Saturday's round.

​​He's probably used to thinking that scoring as high as 86 is a good thing. 

He had his moments, but for the most part, he was awful. This is Curry's second appearance at the event, and he only got worse over time. Curry finished 33 strokes behind the leader, but to be fair, that's not much worse than his performance last year.

​​One year ago, Steph missed the cut by 11 strokes. This year, he missed by 13. Is it really that big of a difference when you get right down to it? 

It's a new feeling to see Curry bad at something that requires touch and accuracy. As long as he keeps bringing home titles, you can rest assured Golden State fans won't mind. But let's take a moment to realize just how human he really is.