​Reporting was handed down Saturday about the Maryland Terrapins offensive lineman who passed away earlier this year after collapsing at a conditioning practice. 

Jordan McNair died of heatstroke after being worked way too hard during the proceedings. 

​​McNair, who was 19 years old, was reportedly showing obvious signs of struggle during the workout. As another player stated, "Jordan was obviously not in control of his body. He was flopping all around. There were two trainers on either side of him bearing a lot of weight. They interlocked their legs with his in order to keep him standing."

A 911 call from the ​Maryland football team revealed that "45 minutes into the practice, [McNair] had convulsions and a seizure on the field." 

EMTs weren't called until almost an hour later.

This is truly a disgusting story when it's all said and done. McNair checked in at the hospital with a body temperature of 106, which makes it clear nothing was done to try and help him cool off or cool down while he was working out. And by that point, it was far too late.

It's so sad that a player -- a teenager, a kid -- could be worked so hard at a football practice that it causes him to lose his life. It's an outrageous shame. Something that's as trivial in the big picture as game played by amateurs should never been given such lethal stakes.

Coaches, especially in a sport like football were players can weigh over 300 pounds, have to realize what the limits of their players are. And Terps coach DJ Durkin utterly failed to live up to his single most basic responsibility-- the safety of the players he's entrusted with.

There's surely much more to come from this story. But with each new report, things just sound worse and worse.