​NBA fans, you no longer have to ​scour Twitter for the bits and ​pieces of information regarding the schedule for the upcoming season. It's all finally here.

The league released the full slate for the 2018-2019 season. Feast your eyes!

But what about the top teams on national television? We got you covered too. Here are the teams that will be appearing most on TNT:

How about some notable matchups involving big-time players and potential contentious moments?

We already knew LeBron returning to Cleveland on Nov. 21, but man, Kawhi's return to San Antonio on Jan. 3 is going to be something. DeMar DeRozan will undoubtedly get a standing ovation in Toronto on Feb. 22 and there's no way Carmelo will be able to leave OKC early in the year without getting boo'ed out of the building.

Oh yeah, and Adam Silver is helping out the players! Big news for everyone getting some rest so we don't see stars sitting in primetime games.

It's a good time to be an NBA fan. We can't wait for October.